True Story…Part 2

The next few days are blurry in my memory. I remember feeling numb, as if I were dreaming, yet knowing that it was definitely real. My thoughts, my fears, my prayers, all seemed to run together and swirl around in my head. Why? Why my Cory? What if he never gets better? What is even [...]


True Story, Believe it or Not… Part 1

The clock struck midnight. My phone began to buzz. Finally a call from the police? No, just a volley of text messages. "Happy New Year!" "Blessings in 2016!" "Happy New Year!" "Happy New Year!" "Right, looks like we're off to a great start" was all I could think, as I numbly laid down the phone [...]

Daily Bread Difficulties

Good morning, Lord. Thank You for this day. Thank You for the lovely rain that's soaking my newly transplanted peonies and hostas, and also my vegetables in the garden. Thank You for... (Oh, just a second, Lord, it sounds like Sonny boy is awake. OK, I'm back) -as I was saying, thanks for this hot cup [...]

A Few Of My Favorite Things

(Since I've Been Too Busy to Write, I'll Let a Bunch of Pictures Do the Talking)Spring Mornings - although if this weather doesn't level out I may have to get a new favorite season. The view from my grandparents' place. They live on Mole Hill, and while I often say my Augusta County is prettier [...]

You Need to Read This!

Do you love to read? I have a suggestion for you. Do yourself a favor, follow this link,and experience the talent of my blogger "friend" Jeanette. (She's one of the few Jeanettes I know who spell their name the right way... wink) Seriously though, she is so good. Check out some of her other [...]

Anna Grace Turns Two

We don't know where all the time went since she first came screaming into the world, but our little sweetheart is celebrating her second birthday today! Life with her has been an adventure, and we wouldn't know what to do without her. Her sunshiny smile and contagious giggle is enough to make anyone's day, and [...]

Thankfulness on a Snow Day

Well, the "I'll write more once baby comes" idea, was definitely sprouted in the heart of a mommy who'd never had a baby and a toddler at the same time. I envisioned having so much time to write, while I rocked and fed my new cuddly little one, just like I did when Anna Grace [...]